2010: Decepción Migrante

DURANGO, DGO..- The events occurred in 2010 around the migratory environment has already had their effects: the punishment vote given by the voters allowed the Republicans the opportunity to re address the migratory policies in 2011; the rejection of the ‘Dream Act’, the hope of more than a million of students of reaching their own educational dream was truncated; and the SB 1070 law of Arizona is proof of the xenophobic spirit still existing in our northern neighbor country.

The promises of campaign offered in their moment by the candidate on turn Barack Obama weren´t fulfilled in at least in a short term and the Latin voters said felt disappointed about it.

With the eagerness of reminding the US President his unfulfilled promises, the streets of Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, among others were witnesses of the protests of thousands of immigrants on favor of a ‘legal reform process’, however it was not enough, the topic was no interest for the congressmen and the president.

Since January the Lower House of the Senate with the Republicans in majority will draw a new sketch of the migration policies.

Added to that, and as part of a policy denying to accept the undocumented immigrants and of the greedy anti immigrant interest promotion of the Republicans gave proof in a research report, presented by the National Public Radio, (NPR)  in October of 2010 that unveiled the increasing prison industry where a very important factor in it is the undocumented immigrant.

The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the biggest system of the private prisons of the United States with millionaire contracts with the US government, has an approximate income of 94 dollars daily by prisoner.

According to the NPR study, it also revealed the meddled interests of Jean Brewer, Arizona´s Governor, the legislators on favor of the SB1070 and the businessmen owners of the CCA.

The path to reach a migratory reform for the more of 12 million of undocumented people will be a difficult hill to climb.

The community says

Juan Hernandez, former administration officer of the ex President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, spoke with Enlace Magazine and pointed out that the factors like the lack of interest of the American voters and the same American government were part of the absence of concern to achieve a migratory reform.

We live in a nation where sometimes it takes time to make the best; the United States will do the right thing for the Americans, for the undocumented. We can blame de Democrats, the Republicans, we can blame the presidents and us too, for our apathy, possibly”, said Hernandez.

The Doctor Hernandez recognized “that the American citizens” said, we have not made enough and that the ones against the migratory reform have made more than us, however I think we should wait for good things to happen, especially for the youth who have shown correct actions a good face, (referring to the Dream Act), for those who should have a right to carry a citizens ID”, remarked the former officer.

For Gustavo Bujanda, from Allen Tx, he anticipates the 2011 to be a tough year, with a higher initiatives in a local and state level similar like the ones in Arizona.

“There will be a rigid posture in a federal level, due to the new power balance produced by the last elections in the past month of November, where the Republican Party will now dominate the most part of the legislative agenda, and which vision around a possible migratory reform is focused in the aspects of the border control and the vigorous applications of the punitive measures to the illegal immigration” and added, “the next two years should be for the Hispanics in a period in which instead of marching they should council, form and finance committees of political action to support candidates related to their aspirations and interests”, declared Bujanda

Alfredo Castañeda, originally from Vicente Guerrero, Dgo and resident of Dallas said that Mexico is still important for the US but the interest is focused on the economic aspect.

“The natural resources that still are and the craft hand from Mexico are still a great attractive for the US as to ignore the necessity of a migratory reform”.

Tereso Ortíz, from the ‘Casa Guanajuato’ of Dallas, agreed in the opinion of the small amount of Latin participation in priority topics like the migratory reform will only delay the positive changes for the community.

Said also that changes are needed in the addressing of the representatives of the Hispanic community; “We still do not have leaders with feelings as we have and live here; they do have renown but when it´s time for the truth they only reach their place and then feel ashamed of the people they represent”, Ortiz pointed out.

Jose Jaques, former migrant deputy, glimpses a year where the future of the migratory reform is an action of the neo liberal politics called ‘outsourcing’, where he said is the action of the diverse American union organizations in association with Mexico, in a future they pretend to accomplish the day to day work.

“Is to employ workers in a daily basis without accumulating any type of rights and privileges: giving priority to the labor policies over the migratory ones and satisfying the businessmen demands at the workers’ rights cost”, concluded Jaques.

By Luis Ángel Galván


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