The sum efforts of local authorities in Hudspeth County, Texas, family, friends and rescue groups managed to locate Edgar René García Rojas, a man from Durango lost in Sierra Blanca, Texas.

For almost a month, the concern of Edgar René’s family led him to knock on many doors, including that of the sheriff’s office in Sierra Blanca.

The body finding of this Duranguense occurred on June 18 thanks to the coordinates provided by an anonymous informant, the support of the Parallel 31 search group and the efforts of officers Marty Bustamante, Sergeant Elvis Wolf, Lt. Nick Hanshaw of the Office from Hudspeth County Sheriffs, as well as the support of Chief Chief Jamil Moutan, Cadet Noel Elias Adair, Jack Schrader, all of them from the Texas Rescue Patrol.

Likewise, there was the support of María de Jesús Cabrales de la Cruz, a native of Bermejillo Durango and a California resident who selflessly offered her help to support the search and location of this young Mexican.

Today Edgar René’s family, despite the circumstances, is calm because they finally located their relative. All you have to do is carry out the corresponding procedures to repatriate your remains to Bermejillo, Durango Mexico.

By Luis Ángel Galván


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