They will give in advance the Christmas bonus for the ‘Buen Fin’, declared the Economic Secretariat delegated

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DURANGO, DGO.-How is accustomed, the ‘Buen Fin’ is coming, called the cheapest weekend of the year, with the purpose of encouraging the economy of the country and give the opportunity to the consumers to acquire goods and services at low-prices.

Luis Guillermo Madrazo Bonilla, delegated of the Economic Secretariat (SE by their initials in Spanish), he indicated that altogether, the secretaries of Economy, Tourism, and Estate, in a federal level. They made the ‘Buen Fin’ announcement for this year, “that it will take place from November 17th to 20th”.

“For this motive, the three of …… along with the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco by their initials in Spanish), the business sectors, the Business Coordinate Council, the Coparmex and in general, all the state business guild, and of course the important collaboration of the entity communication, we´ll be working closely, in effect to develop the ‘Buen Fin’ in our entity”, pointed.

He made the call to have the businessmen join this program, “promote the significant offers, so the consumers perform the anticipated purchases in the end of year season.

This program, Madrazo Bonilla said, “is one of the most important programs of the commerce in Mexico, and above all, it´s an event the Duranguense consumer awaits with great enthusiasm”.

The ‘Buen Fin’ will extend to other areas

For this year, the delegate commented, there has been promotion to have the ‘Buen Fin’ taking place in other municipalities of the state, “in general, we are having the participation of the 39 municipalities of the entity”.

The expectation

For this year, informed Madrazo Bonilla, “at a national level sales await about a 100 thousand million pesos, this is, 8% more than 2016 year, and the participant companies will be around 60 thousand; 19% more than the last edition”.

In Durango, said, “We´ll be registering around 3 thousand economic unities, which may offer attractive discounts, in the products and the services they are offering”.

“in this program the companies are allowed to manage their stock, and above all, will permit the consumers do their purchases well planned, this translated in real economic family pros, for their pockets, so this never leads to an over-indebtedness”, added.

Christmas bonus will be given in advance

While is true there can be good offers, is important the consumers have the money to take advantage of them, this is why, at least the employees of the federal government, are encouraged to participate, with the Christmas bonus in advance.

In this regard, Madrazo Bonilla commented, “this is how it was done in previous years, we are giving in advance half of the Christmas bonus, which they revive annually, it will be deposited in the public servants accounts of the federal level, before the ‘Buen Fin’ starts, which will allow taking advantage of the offers in different establishments”.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

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Misha Galván