Profeco will carry out their operatives from now until january

Photo (Carlos Yescas Alvarado)


-Also will participate in the Bienvenido Paisano Program.

DURANGO, DGO.-Since the Bienvenido Paisano program started, and now the Christmas and New Year Season is approaching, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco by their initials in Spanish), carry out price verifications, as well as the veracity and quality of the services and products that offer, both for the local consumers, and also, in case of the Bienvenido Paisano, of the conational traveling to the U.S.

Esmeralda Gallegos Rosales, delegate of this institution, indicated “we are giving tours, remembering the we are in the Bienvenido Paisano operative, in which we add up, to guarantee, in these high seasons, the consumer security, which, we have fortunately, in the last vocational seasons guaranteed that security”.

Questioning the citizens’ main complaints, remarked, “the lack of respect of the prices; the ones including the taxes in the restaurants, and most of all not respecting the hotel reservations, all they have paid. In the Central Bus Station we have the permanent dialogue, and we have acted at the moment”.

In case you want to file a complaint, underlined, “in the busy season we´ll be in the Central Bus Station with an attention module; downtown with the local offices, #110 Zaragoza St. between Negrete and Aquiles Serdan, and we are always in our phone service 618-825-33-22, even with a simple call is enough to attend them how they deserve”.

Marathon’ Operative

These surveillance and review tours, assured Gallegos Rosales, “are like a marathon”, and added, “every season, each holiday, long weekend, for most of the consumers are of a deserved break, for us are of having double or triple times work, striving to guarantee that good break, those vacations”.

Also the ‘Buen Fin’ is coming almost immediately, explained, “there is the marathon Guadalupe-Reyes, we have to be valid, supporting permanently, and a proof is the ‘Buen Fin’ we will be starting our labors since midnight, including Saturday and Sunday”.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

Special/Enlace magazine

Written translation

Misha Galván