Paisanos always generate economic spillover by traveling to Mexico

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-Not only in the economic issue, but in traditions and culture, Jaime Mijares Salum pointed out.

DURANGO, DGO.-We are near the season where important quantities of many conational people return to their Mexican territory to spend their holiday festivities and enjoy with their family, in their place of origin, which also, makes an economic spillover, helping in the end of year rebound the sales in Durango, said Jaime Mijares Salum, president of the Business Council Coordinator in Durango (CCE, by their initials in Spanish).

The Business leader said that “the Paisanos always have made an important economic contribution, especially for the expense and investment they make in visiting their families, not only in services, but in commerce, hotels, restaurants, and also, when they send resources (remittances) ), the economic capacity increases, and it is important, because they have always contributed to Durango “.

Mijares Salum stressed that it is not only the economic issue, but with the return of the Paisanos, it helps preserve traditions and culture, and in some way take them to the United States, where they are still preserved, “and this serves so that Duranguenses families, based in the United States, do not lose that connection with their family, with their roots, and always continue to come and visit Durango”.

There is no exact number, he said, of how much economic spillover they leave on their visits, “but it is important; the truth is that at this time some shops are picking up their sales, by the time of the ‘Buen Fin’, Christmas, which undoubtedly increases for the holidays and the visit of the Paisanos, then, they are an important part that is already inside a history of economic cycles, which greatly help the Durango economy”.

Finally, he said there´s a good expectation, facing what will be the arrival of the Paisanos, and the end of 2017.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

Special/Enlace magazine

Written translation:

Misha Galván