La Laguna and El Salto, areas where there are more pregnant teenagers: Arreola Fallad

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  • Also in indigenous areas, because of the uses and customs, manifested the Procurator of the Child Defense.

DURANGO, DGO.-In recent years the pregnant teenagers numbers have increased, not only in Durango, but inn all the country, and even though they´re sporadic, there have been cases of girls up to 9 years old , who are pregnant, said Raquel Arreola Fallad, Procurator of the defense of the child, the woman and the family, in Durango .

There are areas, the procurator explained, where the pregnancy rate in under age is higher. “Here in our state, you know it, there are areas where there is more presence of teenage pregnancies; the La Laguna area is a really important area where is practically half of the teenager woman population, linked to El Salto”.

“Those are the areas where are more pregnant girls”, also the indigenous communities, above all the Mezquital, where the cultural factors have prevented eradicating this problem, because they wake up to an early sexuality and its almost an obligation that all woman should have a family”.

Arreola Fallad remarked, “The number of young girls we have identified in an advanced state of pregnancy or already gave birth, more or less should be around 15 hundred, and 16 hundred in La Laguna, although I do not have the exact number”.

If her estimates are correct, we would be talking about currently having in the sate between 3 thousand and 3 thousand 200 pregnant minors or those who recently given birth.

She assured the State DIF, throughout the attorney general´s office at her charge, is developing special programs for these children, with which they are supported with “sexual education; sexual guidance to train their children; we support with diapers, milk, with what the child needs, and you know the children born in Mexico have Seguro Popular”.

Finally, she recognized how the situation is lived, regarding this topic, “is really preoccupying, and what bothers us most is even though we go and support, we have no registration, not even a starting point, that is trustworthy, because we have to respect the uses and customs, and the data we have is not encouraging.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

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Misha Galván