Durango´s Roads are safe

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-There have been talks about assaults, but no formal complaint has been received


DURANGO, DGO.-The winter holiday season is approaching, where it is common to travel by road to the various municipalities, as well as to other states of the republic, either people passing through, or Durangueños travelling to other destinations.At the moment, there have been operatives, focused above all to the inhibitions of assaults I the different routes, and until the moment, there has been no problem of this kind, assured Rafael Carreon Garrido, commissioner of the Federal Police in Durango.


Carreon Garrido pointed out that “we have security on the roads and you have seen it, we have no problems in any of our roads”, and added, “Some roads, in some sections are in service conditions”.

When questioned about some citizens’ indications, respect assaults in the superhighway Durango-Mazatlan, in the Baluarte bridge section, the commissioner of the State Federal Police underlined, “we had some information about it; we are not strangers to this kind of situations, however, there wasn´t any complaint to the General Prosecutor of the State neither to the General Attorney Office of the Republic (PGR by their initials in Spanish), then, that on one hand limits us to initiate a deep investigation, nevertheless, the operatives are being re-enforced in that area, precisely, to avoid this kind of situations, but it is necessary to have complaints, so that we can get thorough in the investigations”.

Likewise, he was questioned about the security conditions in the Durango-Zacatecas highway, which he responded, “previously this topic could have been touched, but I assure you now we have no problem in the road that goes to Zacatecas, Vicente Guerrero, to the state limit, and we have not had a complaint for any assault situation. The services are still working in that area. In the Laguna de Durango area, we also have burglary special operatives groups”.

Finally, there was a call to, who is victim of any crime, like an assault, complaint immediately, “since that makes us start with a folder of investigation, by the PGR, the prosecution, and our part, we can now dig more in the investigations, but sometimes there are rumors about this kind of situations, and I do not doubt there can be one, because we are not strangers, and we are putting strong operatives in those areas, though, it would help us a lot to have knowledge of those kind of illicit acts, to know how to investigate them.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

Written translation

Misha Galván