Durango is above the goals in the tax collection

Photo (Carlos Yescas Alvarado)

DURANGO, DGO.-The acomplishment of the Durangueños in the taxes payment is good, so much so that according to the records, they are placed in 116% in this area, over the goals set for this year, so to say, it has exceeded what was contemplated, facing what will be the end of the year, informed Marcela Parada Lopez, manager of the local Tax Administration System (SAT by their initials in Spanish).

Parada Lopez indicated that”we bring somewhere a 116% of accomplishment, which means, we bring a surplus over the established goals, specifically for the collection area. What is in Durango, the circumscription of this administration, which does not cover the La Laguna, fully accomplishing the goals”.

Electronic Bills

On another hand, the bill scheme will change, to a 3.3 version of the electronic bills. Same will be obliged starting December 1st, meaning a few more days.

In this regard, commented, “until the moment we have trained more than 60% of the businessmen, chambers, associations and organisms of the Duranguense´s society; however a lot of taxpayers are waiting, I do  not know if is to comply the validity or wait to not feel obliged with the new dispositions of the electronic bill 3.3 at a national level”.

“December 1st, by system issues, informatics, that have to be done in companies, and there are companies big enough that take a long amount of time to do it, we expect by December 1st all be in that modality, if not, how it was commented, the bills casting a previous version, or not billing with the 3.3 version, invariably will be creditors of a administrative penalty”, explained.

This, underlined, applies for all taxpayers, although said, who has bill in the SAT portal, do not have this problem, well this website has this bills version available since some months ago”.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

Special/Enlace magazine

Written translation