Discounts on buses and airplanes for the ‘Buen Fin’

DURANGO, DGO.-The ‘Buen Fin’ will take place from November 17th to 20th of this year, and with the idea of stimulating the tourism, not only in Durango, but in the country, some companies will add up to offer discounts on plane and bus tickets to diverse destinations, informed Victor Hugo Castañeda Soto, Tourism in the state secretary.

The company TAR will offer 20% discount on flights like Durango-Monterrey, Durango-Queretaro, Durango-Toluca, among others, Castañeda Soto said, “we are making the effort, the business leaders as also your servant, to promote the connectivity, specially the flight that has to do with Durango-Culiacan and Durango-Ciudad Juarez”.

There will be other airlines who will add up to these offers, besides of ‘Omnibus de Mexico’, with whom we dialogued with their national director, and its promoting a discount and diverse promotions, so that our regional tourism can travel in this ‘Buen Fin’, which also is a long weekend”.

The Tourism Secretariat of the state, said, “will summon to other service providers to add up and in their opportunity, rise their offers to the Canaco platforms, of the Business Coordinating Council”.

Likewise, announced an important congress has confirmed, to celebrate in the capital; is about, announced, the National Congress of Art and Culture of the Technology Institutes, which are about 240 in the country, and will have Durango as the headquarter, what will suppose a great number of visitors, and the correspondent economic spillover in several sectors of the local economy. This will take place on March of 2018.

“It is still working with the purpose of contribute, from the perspective of the tourism, the economy of our country”, ended Castañeda Soto, who made a call to participate during the ‘Buen Fin’.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

Special/Enlace magazine

Written translation

Misha Galván