Almost 6 thousand formal jobs have been generated in the state: STyPS

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-The numbers do not match with the ones presented by the Durango´s City Hall.

DURANGO, DGO.-In several occasions, Jose Ramon Enriquez Herrera, Durango´s Mayor, has released the supposed advances the municipality has in employees matter, and indicated there has been 10 thousand formal jobs, just in the state capital.

On the other hand, Brenda Azucena Rosas Gamboa, secretary of the Work and Social Prevention in Durango, said these numbers do not match, being that in the state institution are ruled by the numbers given by the Mexican Institute of the Social Security, (IMSS by their initials in Spanish) on regard.

Rosas Gamboa remarked the way of obtaining these statistics, is checking every enrollment occurred in the IMSS, that is what ´s considered as official information, and underlined, “those are the numbers we have. Until now we have almost 6 thousand jobs that have been formally generated in the state”.

Evidently, there is a huge difference with the data Enriquez Herrera released about this topic, and more, taking account of the numbers are only referring o Durango, that would  almost double the numbers the secretary indicated for all the state.

“I wouldn’t want to enter another situation or in another detail”, declared Rosas Gamboa, to be questioned about your opinion of the numbers given by the capital´s mayor, to avoid confrontations or to have misunderstandings, however, she also recognized the difference between the managed numbers.

Finally she reaffirmed, she does not know how has the municipality has reached to those numbers, and added, “simple and straightforward we manage the numbers given, very specified and punctual, the Social Security, and the INEGI”.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

Special(Enlace magazine

Written translation

Misha Galván