More than 6 thousand people came to events of the Muikité Festival: IMAC

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DURANGO, DGO.-This is one of the seasons of most festivity and roots among the Mexicans, for what has been done throughout the week is about to conclude, the Muikité Festival, organized by the Municipal Art and Cultural Institute (IMAC by their initials in Spanish), which has registered full at its events, Claudio Herrera Noriega, director of the institute assured.

The Director said, “we started, in collaboration with Funerales Hernandez, with the altar of the dead, with so much affluence these days; with excellent artistic events, like the Guayaberos of the UJED, that had full house, the people has been very excited”.

Likewise, said “the Circo de la Muerte had two performances, like the black play of Prague, also having full house on both performances, as well as the Circo Dragon, which had a great success the past April, the Ricardo Castro Festival, and we brought it again”.

“We had events about our traditions, with live musicians, with so much people´s interest, and like I said, every festival we carry out a second time, it comes intensified, and that is how its going to be the next year too, so we can wait a Ricardo Castro Festival; a Baroque Filming Festival, of piano, all, intensified with great artists, of the highest level”, commented.

The Day of the Dead, November 2nd, also a tour,  flower and candles arrangements were made in the capital´s Panteon de Oriente,  that took advantage of the enormous affluence of the Durangueños on this date, to participate in this event, which is part of the tradition of remembering the dead.

Finally, he said that during these days of events, more than 6 thousand people participated, which he considered it all a success.

By Carlos Yescas Alvarado

Written translation

Misha Galván